The World Teachers’ Day live stream will start on Oct. 5th at 9AM Kuala Lumpur time and run for 24 hours, once around the world. You can see the overall streaming time here; please check your regional section to find local times. A detailed programme will be available soon!

Opening and welcome (1 am-1:30 am UTC, 30 minutes)

Streaming starts:
12 noon Sydney,
3 am Brussels,
9 pm (Oct. 4th) Washington DC

Asia-Pacific (1:30 am-5:30 am UTC, 4 hours)

Streaming starts:
7:00 am New Delhi,
8:30 am Jakarta,
9:30 am Kuala Lumpur/Manila,
10:30 am Tokyo,
12:30 pm Sydney,
2:30 pm Wellington

Interlude (5:30 am-9 am UTC, 3 hours 30 minutes)

Documentary: A Day in the Life of a Teacher and other videos

Africa (9 am-12 noon UTC, 3 hours)

Streaming starts:
9 am Accra/Bamako/Dakar,
10 am Abuja/Kinshasa,
12 noon Addis Ababa/Nairobi

Arab Region (12 noon-2 pm UTC, 2 hours)

Streaming starts:
12:00 noon Algiers/Casablanca/Tunis,
1 pm Cairo,
2 pm Amman/Beirut/Manama

Europe (2 pm-5 pm UTC, 3 hours)

Streaming starts:
3 pm Lisbon/London,
4 pm Berlin/Paris/Brussels,
5 pm Moscow,
6 pm Tbilisi,
7 pm Tashkent,
8 pm Nursultan

Latin America (7 pm-10.30 pm UTC, 3 hours)

Streaming starts:
1 pm San José,
2 pm Bogotá/Lima/Quito,
3 pm La Paz,
4 pm Brasilia/Buenos Aires/Santiago de Chile

North America and the Caribbean (10:30 pm-6th Oct 0:30 am UTC, 3 hours 30 minutes)

Streaming starts:
3:30 pm Los Angeles/Vancouver
4:30 pm Calgary/Denver
5:30 pm Chicago/Kingston/Mexico City
6:30 pm New York/Port au Prince/ Quebec

Wrap-up and closure (6th Oct 0:30 am-1 am UTC, 30 minutes)

Streaming starts:
11:30 am (Oct. 6th) Sydney,
2:30 am (Oct. 6th) Brussels,
8:30 pm Washington DC